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Sound Art

Neolithic Cannibals: Deep Listening to the Unheard

The Neolithic Cannibals
Sat 4 - Sun 19 May 2024
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A socially engaged sound art project and exhibition from the young people of Whitehawk and East Brighton, artist Simon James (who was  born and raised in Whitehawk), and Class Divide.  

Explored through the deep time history of the Neolithic in East Brighton and the contemporary soundscape of Whitehawk, the Neolithic Cannibals exhibition mixes archaeology, psycho-geography, sound art, and activism. The work will transport audiences to a place where imaginative and fantastical sounds invite deep listening to an area that is hidden and unheard.  

Through a series of workshops, young people in Whitehawk have listened to the contemporary environment of East Brighton using the Whitehawk Hill Neolithic Camp, discovered in 1929 through a geophysical listening technique known as Bosing, as a focal point and inspiration for their sonic explorations.

Neolithic Cannibals will recreate the Neolithic Camp - a place of communion, celebration, and ritual, as a compassionate listening space inviting audiences to discover Whitehawk's richness, joy, playfulness, and hope, empowering local voices through rarely explored sonic expressions.

Audiences will leave with a deeper appreciation for empathetic listening, and consider the power of collective effort and the part we all play in addressing complex and current social issues

The main exhibition will be accompanied by a series of talks, walks and workshops around the themes explored in the exhibition. Visit the Class Divide website for full details

Presented in partnership with Lighthouse

An aerial photograph with concentric circles drawn on
An aerial photograph with concentric circles drawn on

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