A giant puppet of The Girl From Aleppo, surrounded by puppet seaguls on sticks
Classical Music

The Girl From Aleppo

Brighton Festival Youth Choir
Sat 11 May 2024 , 18:00
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Conductor Juliette Pochin

Violin soloist Thomas Kemp

Accompanist Nick Andrews

This recital from Brighton Festival Youth Choir is based around the themes of displacement and hope. The Girl From Aleppo tells the story of Nujeen Mustafa who escaped the war in Aleppo and travelled to Europe in a wheelchair, set to music by Cecilia McDowall. Other songs include Fast Car by Tracey Chapman, the grittily realistic story of a woman trying to escape the cycle of poverty, Va Pensiero the exiled Hebrew Slaves and some a cappella arrangements which takes the audience on a very different kind of journey!

Brighton Festival Chorus & Brighton Festival Youth Choir

The Brighton Festival Choirs join forces in two concerts which resonate with our current global context of displacement & exile of people, and a realisation that in the end, we all share the same dreams. Through giving voices to the first person accounts of refugees and their experiences, the choirs will amplify stories of resilience and hope and sing a powerful appeal to our common humanity.  

A patchwork-style image of two people and writing: The Stranger

Brighton Festival Chorus

Sat 11 May, 8.30pm | All Saints

Join us after Brighton Festival Youth Choir's performance for the UK Premiere of Kim André Arnesen’s The Stranger

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