What's on

A blonde woman in a red glittery dress, a big man in a suit and a tall thin man with a neck brace dance together in a row with their arm in the air
photo credit Fabienne Rappeneau
A black man standing, facing forward, arms at his side. He wears a beige hat and polo shirt and black sunglasses

Norman Jay's Norman Soul

Norman Jay
Fri 3 - Sat 4 May
Brighton Dome Concert Hall
From £15
Children & Family
Two young children engage with an installation made of brightly coloured columns and boxes criss crossed with lots of string

100 Miles of String

Leap Then Look
Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
Royal Pavilion Gardens (North Lawn)
Visual Arts
A small, square empty stage in the middle of a bare room. The room has a black floor, red curtain and two spotlights shining on the stage

An Elevated Platform

Flexer & Sandiland
Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
Young Readers
The outside of a children's book shop. There are bright and colourful illustrations in the windows

Children's Illustration Exhibition

Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
The Book Nook
Two people are stood silhouetted in front of a projection. The projection shows the close up of an eye in black and white

Days of Wonder

videoclub & Corridor
Sat 4 May - Sun 1 Sep
Hove Museum of Creativity
A parade through the streets of Brighton. Everyone is in bright colours and there are giant sculptures being carried

The Children's Parade

Brighton Festival & Same Sky
Sat 4 May
Visual Arts
Green slime hangs off a metallic structure, the sculpture sits on a white plinth

Ooze Machines

Libby Heaney
Sat 4 May - Sun 30 Jun
Phoenix Art Space
Visual Arts
A person in a colourful shirt holds a tablet in front of their face, you can see a picture of their face on the screen of the tablet

TV Dinners

Susannah Hewlett
Sat 4 - Sat 11 May
The Spire
Sound Art
A large boulder in front of a bright blue background

Neolithic Cannibals: Deep Listening to the Unheard

The Neolithic Cannibals
Sat 4 - Sun 19 May
Children & Family
A woman in a brown beret holds an open book. Stood on the book at tiny cut out characters

You'll See...

Branar (Ireland)
Sat 4 - Sun 5 May
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre
From £8
Looking over the shoulder of two people sat at a table with cups and food


Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
Earthship Brighton
From £25
Dance & Circus
A collection of people dressed in white jumpsuits are squating on the floor, ruffling up long strips of yellow paper


J Neve Harrington
Sat 4 May
The Dance Space
From £10
Classical Music
A white man with grey hair stands in front of some grey, curved buildings. He wears a black coat and purple scarf

London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Antonio Pappano, Bertrand Chamayou
Sat 4 May
Brighton Dome Concert Hall
From £10
Rachel sits behind a desk of different buttons while a person is comically wheeled along sticking their tongue out

Perfect Show for Rachel

Zoo Co & Improbable
Sat 4 - Tue 7 May
Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
From £15
Sound Art
A small bird sitting on a small branch of a tree, against a bright blue sky

Festival of Ideas: Bird Bath Dawn Chorus Breakfast

Sun 5 May
St Peter's Church, Preston Park
From £5