Past Event

Long Live the Little Knife

1 Feb 2014

Liz and Jim are small-time con artists on a mission to be the greatest art forgers in the world. There’s only one problem: they can’t paint. But when you need £250,000 to buy your way out of a turf war, you can’t let a little thing like that stand in your way… 

Long Live the Little Knife is a fast-paced and boisterous caper whose pared-down presentation heightens its true-story feel. As he picks his way through forgery, castration and blind drunkenness, writer and director David Leddy asks whether we can ever know if something – be it love, the story of two con artists or a castrated labradoodle in a classic Chanel bag – is real.

The hit of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, this hilarious show garnered no less than 15 four-star reviews.

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