Past Event

Recovery Poems

1 - 2 May 2021
Free event

An inspiring light poem, visiting public spaces throughout the City

'At what point do we fall into each other’s arms and dance again loosening our shadow?'

How do we commemorate what’s been lost as we start to take tentative steps to coming out of lockdown?  What do we want to hold onto and grow? What positive changes can we make to society and ecology as we recover from the pandemic? Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) presents the Recovery Poems.

Through talking and listening to communities, artists Robert Montgomery, and Deanna Rodger are creating an inspiring light poem that will visit public spaces throughout the City on the opening weekend of the festival. Spot it live or follow on social media as we emerge from the pandemic.

Brighton Festival is a partner in Without Walls, working with festivals and artists and bringing fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across the UK

Without Walls at Brighton Festival 2021 is supported by Southern Water

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