Image: Kaleider
Visual Arts and Film

Robot Selfie

26 - 31 May 2021
Free event

Brighton Festival invites you to be drawn by Kaleider’s wall drawing robot…

Robot Selfie will be a massive mural of the public, drawn by a wall-drawing robot on the side of Brighton Met College’s new building over 4 days from Friday 28 May.

From Wednesday 26 May, you can join in. Just take a selfie and Kaleider’s non learning AI will interpret it into a line drawing. When you are happy with what it comes up with, press submit and your face could join hundreds of others in a giant mural created by a wall-drawing robot. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to submit your selfie and watch via a livestream as the massive mural emerges over four days.

At a time when we’ve been distanced from each other, unable to touch, unable to gather in public space, Robot Selfie brings us together, strangers next to each other in solidarity. 

You will be able to submit your selfie via an accessible dedicated website using your mobile or any internet enabled device. The website will open for submissions on Wednesday 26 May. We’ll publish the website address here, and on all our social channels.

Watch the robot draw live from midday–8pm, Friday 28–Monday 31 May in the Greater Brighton Metropolitan courtyard. 

The finished mural will stay on display at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College’s courtyard throughout June.

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