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Tell Me Something About Family

7 May 2021
Free event

Lemn Sissay's new project, lighting up the world with stories, phrases and sayings about family 

I have lived without family all my lifeAnd I’ve watched how many people  looked deeply at their families through the pandemic, for better and for worse. I have always wanted to know about family from the inside. So I am creating one that connects us throughout the world. Will you be part of it?  This project starts with you and one friend (or relative) of your choice.  

We have built a website to bring it all together to answer my one request  'Tell me Something About Family'. See the pin on the globe that’s you.  And  I am asking if you would nominate someone else to 'tell me something about family'. There’s another  pin on the globe on the website. See. That’s them. 

Let’s light up the world with stories, phrases or sayings about family.  So what is 'Tell Me Something About Family'? It is simply you’re your answer to my request. You may write one line, one paragraph, one page or ten pages. It’s that simple. 'Tell me...' is open to any person, of any age, from anywhere in the world, starting with Brighton, starting with you and the person you nominate. Every one of our families and every one of our stories is unique. Tell me something about family. 

Tell me about the magical moments. Tell me about the horrible moments, the mythical moments and the mirth filled moments. Tell me about the places and what they made you feel. And tell me about how you feel. Tell me what you learned from your family and what you had to unlearn. Tell me about practical things. Tell me about when you moved house. Tell me about an ornament. It could be an ornament by the fireside or the wallpaper at home. Tell me about the smells of home, the cooking. Tell me about the sounds of home. The more specific your description, the better it will be. Please tell me something about family. Tell me about how you found out that you were adopted. Tell me about when you learned that you once had a sister for a short time or a daughter. Tell me about healing, about the time and the place. Tell me something about family because I have never had one and I would like to know. 


The Tell Me Something About Family website will be live throughout  Brighton Festival 2021.

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