Credits Branislav Grebečí
Past Event

The Informals II: Exhibition

22 May - 13 Jun 2021
Free event
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The Informals II is an improvised documentary experience: an exhibition and performance by artists Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kuhne, in collaboration with emerging talent from Brighton’s music subcultures

Inspired by the artists’ interest in improvisation, non-conformity and ways of living in the digital age, The Informals II explores the lives and stories of Brighton’s youths. In a time when the political climate is not representative of them, they use their (music) culture to challenge stigmas and stereotypes and to reclaim public spaces.

The installation will bring together audio visual documentary footage collected by the artists in Brighton. Moving image, text, music and dialogue interlace, calling upon the audience to interact with, and create new narratives and meanings.

Head to Lighthouse's website for more information.

The Informals II is a new commission by Lighthouse and Brighton Festival, produced with support from Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Mondriaan Fonds, and Creative Industries fund NL. The Informals I was originally commissioned by Sonic Acts and Inversia Festival, Murmansk.

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