Brighton Festival 2022 Guest Co-Directors

Guest Director, Announcements

Learn more about Marwa Al-Sabouni & Tristan Sharps and the theme of Rebuilding

Brighton Festival 2022 is led jointly by Syrian architect and author, Marwa Al-Sabouni and Brighton-based theatre artist Tristan Sharps 

We both share the same passion about architecture and its impact on our human life. We believe in the importance of the collective, the beautiful, and the meaningful.

We both have worked on the expandable boundaries of architecture: the building that becomes a theatre, or the building that becomes a conflict arena. The politics and the poetry of this field is connected to the core of our human experience both as individuals and as societies.

We live in difficult times, whether it’s war, or hurricane, flood or drought, famine or pandemic, displacement or homelessness, our existence on this earth is challenged. And our role in reaching this critical point is an urgent discussion.

Hence, the need for deep reflection, and recalculation, is undenied world-wide.

The fabulous artists who will colour this year’s edition of Brighton Festival are going to respond to the theme of rebuilding that we have chosen with the wonderful wider team of the festival.

Rebuilding does not involve the actual act of building per se, it revolves around who we are, what we aspire for, how we come together, and how we connect with ourselves and our surroundings.

It’s an immense honour for us both to hear, see and experience what each artist will bring to the conversation, and to see you all sharing this special experience with us.

Marwa Al-Sabouni & Tristan Sharps