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Brighton Festival Opening Weekend 'Visionary'

Brighton Festival 2014 kicked off with a bang last weekend with a plethora of visual art, music, dance and theatre shows and performances. Here's a selection of responses to them...

Sun, by Hofesh Shechter, is a spare, eloquent and emotive work.
Fringe Review

Brighton Festival, opening weekend, review: 'visionary'

Hofesh Shechter's Sun

Dmitry Krymov got the Brighton Festival off to a super start with Opus No.7, his take on art's duty during atrocities.

Bonanza was beautiful, heartbreaking and hauntingly poignant. Honestly created and right up my street. Nice one. #rapidreview
- @hkoopa

#RapidReview Simon thacker brilliant this lunchtime. Wonderful combination of instruments. Emotional and fabulous to listen to
- @cde5527

Opus No. 7

what happens to the hope at the end of the evening: The rage and fear of Tim’s character is, in many ways, more identifiable than Andy’s cool detachment, an inevitable response to an alienating, alienated world which perhaps, as the Mayans suggest (and Andy explains) actually did end in 2012, the process of dissolution beginning invisibly, interminably. In such a world, the theatre as a place to briefly come together, discarding those anxieties like un-needed shoes at the door, has never felt more beautifully idealistic.
Total Theatre

Nowhere and everywhere at the same time is a #BrightonFestival must. Fun, meditative, beautiful, simple. #RapidReview
- @greenandtidy

William Forsythe Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2

Loved Opus No 7 @brightfest An extraordinary theatrical experience. Both visually spectacular and quietly moving #rapidreview
- @posier


@brightfest Just seen Mani Soleymanlou's One. Charismatic, moving and funny exploration of one's identity. Thought-provoking. #RapidReview
- @markosmond2

#RapidReview Without doubt, @viv_albertine gave the finest commentary on the punk era I've ever heard. Witty, insightful and honest.
- @Lawz_tweets

Opus No 7 makes its wild ideas potent and surprising, mixing the merry, the musical and the macabre in the most memorable way.

#RapidReview what a treat to hear @viv_albertine in conversation today. Open, honest and galvanising. #BrightonFestival
- @jotulloch101

Great fun in Brighton today #childrensparade #lovebrighton 
- ‏@littlejasminSPA