Brighton Festival 2020Public booking opens: Wed 19 Feb, 9am

The most notorious finale in show business heads to Brighton Festival

A stunt so dangerous the even Houdini refused to attempt it will take place as part of Brighton Festival this week in Rob Drummond’s Bullet Catch.

The trick, which has claimed the lives of at least twelve illusionists, assistants and spectators since its conception in 1613 - is renowned for being the most daring, death-defying show on earth.

I aim to catch a bullet fired from an automatic pistol. I will catch that bullet using only my teeth,” explains Drummond.

During the show I bring out various documents including a mental health assessment that I have undertaken to make sure I am of a fit and stable mind to conduct the trick and my real will, which I draw up and re-date every night.”

The show - which has won both a Herald Angel Award and the Total Theatre Award for ‘Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form’ - follows the life and death onstage of famed bullet catcher, William Henderson, who died 100 years ago performing the trick.

Drummond plays modern day marvel William Wonder who presents a unique theatrical magic show featuring storytelling, mind reading, levitation, games of chance. One lucky audience member will even be selected to take the spotlight as the wonderful magician’s glamorous assistant.

Initially, what I wanted to do was see if I could integrate magic and theatre,” Drummond says.

An added aim was to make a relationship without the usual boundaries that you get on stage between the audience member and the performer.”

Bullet Catch plays at the Spiegeltent from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 May at 7.30pm - for tickets, click here.