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Mandela’s Children

Sun 1 Jan 2012

Kweku Mandela film producer, grandson
Ndaba Mandela music producer, grandson
Kemal Akhtar director
Dame Janet Suzman actress
Kathi Scott CEO, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund
David Westhead film producer

Mandela’s Children is a much anticipated new screen portrait of one of the great icons of the last century as seen through the eyes of his grandchildren. The documentary will have its worldwide theatrical release later this year. But for one night only the producers are offering Brighton Festival audiences a first chance to view and discuss selected highlights straight from the cutting room. A panel of speakers including two of Mandela’s grandchildren, the directors and producers, and Academy Award nominee Janet Suzman will discuss the film’s unique take on a well-documented subject, looking beyond Mandela as freedom-fighter and statesman to wider themes of family, inheritance and forgiveness.