Past Event

African Dance Party

Sat 1 Feb 2014

London's calling, Nigeria's speaking - in the voice of Eno Williams, who retells traditional Nigerian tales in a clash of African and electro elements. A fresh new force on the music scene, Ibibio Sound Machine, fronted by Williams, released its first album in February. Now that album bursts into life in this late-night club special. The folk stories that provide the fabric of the band's lyrics, told to Williams in her mother's Nigerian Ibibio language, are remixed in a rich musical tapestry that combines West African highlife, disco, post-punk and psychedelic electro soul.

Batida's inspired African urban street music combines samples from old 1970's Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music described by Songlines as 'a game changing 21st century electronic African dance album'.

Ye Ye Fever has been bringing deadly African rhythms to dancefloors for over three years. Playing vinyl still flecked with dust from sunnier climes, expect afrobeat, soukous and everything in between. Lights down low, vibes up high.