Past Event
Dance & Circus


Fri 15 Feb 2013

Cirque Éloize dives into a vibrant imaginary world, in the UK premiere of their latest circus spectacular, Cirkopolis. Pushing the boundaries of visual and audio innovation, the company takes us into an industrial yet fanciful world inspired by the rich visual legacy of the classic films Metropolis and Brazil.

Awash with humour, Cirkopolis is a place where dance, circus and theatre meet. It’s a universe in which reality is challenged by fantasy in the pursuit of our true place in the world. Fleeing a life ruled by boredom and monotony, acrobats, aerialists, versatile artists, and spectators alike, are plunged into true audio and visual vertigo.

The 12 performers – and audiences of all ages – shift between dream and reality in an uninterrupted stream of acrobatics, music and images to dazzle.

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