Past Event

The Bear

Fri 15 Feb 2013

This is the story of a murder. 

‘I didn’t do it’, says the suspect. ‘It was the bear.’ He’s obviously lying. Or mad. But as solicitor’s clerk Angela starts asking questions, looking through the evidence, there it is again: the bear. Without quite knowing how, Angela finds herself hunting the bear. Until she discovers the bear is hunting her...

This tale of everyday murder and a mythic bear is a playfully surreal take on the film noir tradition. Drawing on her own experience as a solicitor’s clerk, Angela Clerkin weaves a dark and quirky tale in the tradition of the hard-boiled detective fiction of the 1940s.

Directed by Lee Simpson, Co-Artistic Director Improbable
Performed by Angela Clerkin and Guy Dartnell, Improbable Associate Artists
Designed by Rae Smith, Tony & Olivier Award Winning designer