Past Event


Mon 18 Feb 2013

What do you get if you combine one beatboxing world champion, his custom-built Beardytron 5000 MkII music production system and a lot of audience participation? The answer: comedy genius.

Traveling at the speed of thought in his brand new music production spaceship, the world class multi-award- winning musician transcends mere mimicry to produce studio quality compositions in the time it takes to hear them. The vocal shaman fuses a sense of unbelievable ease in emitting and manipulating any conceivable sound with a manic wit that will have you rocking with laughter as well as shaking your tail feather as a whole new album is created in an hour.

Beardyman’s uncanny ability to conjure a dazzling array of sounds – mechanical, musical and electronic – has captivated audiences throughout the world, from the Royal Albert Hall to Bestival and the world’s leading music festivals and venues. Now it’s Brighton’s turn...