Past Event

Magna Mysteria

Fri 15 Feb 2013

You are thinking of someone you haven’t seen for years. The phone rings – and it’s them. You stare at an object for so long that you see the edges blur. And you would swear that it moved, ever so slightly...

We’d like to invite you on an interactive journey of intrigue, myth and magic. All we ask is that you hold in your mind one simple idea: You are a magician. This is not a game, and there’s no right or wrong. But there are many paths, and no one will have the same experience.

Magna Mysteria is an interactive, site-based performance that uses a range of technologies and media to enhance or alter reality. It creates a world of trickery, illusion and secrecy. It has been created by Mercurial Wrestler, specialists in a unique form of immersive, audience-led performance that makes the impossible possible.