Past Event


Sun 1 Jan 2012

Two trucks block Hove Park. They disgorge their contents, creating an obstacle to normal paths and daily routines.

Suddenly, the wind is rising. People are constructing defences to protect themselves from the storm. They hurry to bring tyres, ladders and other objects in impossible volumes. The barricade they build, a spectacular aerial playground, sets the scene for a maelstrom of breathtaking circus. In this powerful story of separation and unity, acrobats, aerialists and tightrope walkers explore the mighty human effort required to overcome the walls, barriers and defenses we find, or place, in our path.

Barricade invokes a glorious spirit of resistance to empower its people to fight for freedom. A freedom from their own fear, doubt and suspicion.

Barricade has been created for the European Zone of Artistic Projects (ZEPA) a European network promoting the development of streetarts supported by the INTERREG IVA (CHANNEL) ENGLAND cross -border programme