Past Event

Blaas (Blow)

Tue 13 Feb 2018

Blaas is a game with the space around us. In Blaas we play with the inside and outside world. Where does our inner world stop and where does the outside world begin? There is continuous interaction between ourselves and our environment. Outside is inside and inside is outside. The question 'where am I' is therefore perhaps more important than the question 'who am I'...

Piles of white fabric lie upon a gleaming floor. A relatively inconspicuous sight until each one slowly has life breathed into it. With the rustle of freshly laundered sheets the fabric expands and grows, moving between the performers and the audience.

Created by Dutch theatre-maker Boukje Schweigman with visual artist Cocky Eek and performer Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Blaas is a weird and wonderful ballet of abstract configurations.

Playing with the boundaries of physical space, this wordless piece of visual theatre creates a mysterious and disorientating world for the spectator - offering a new perspective on everyday reality.

‘A magisterial, magical trip through a white landscape’ Het Parool ★★★★★

Blaas is a collaboration with visual artist Cocky Eek. Beginning as a fashion designer, her designs of the body grew into architectural works. Her designs and their carrier together form a new entity that transcends the human dimension. Boukje Schweigman: "When I saw Cocky's work, I immediately felt a kinship, which, like me, examines how the human body relates to the space around it, disorienting its works, appealing to the imagination, evoking a physical response and asking questions about how and where I am going in this wonderful world."