A parade through the streets of Brighton. Everyone is in bright colours and there are giant sculptures being carried
Image credit: Jamie MacMillan
Past Event

The Children's Parade

Brighton Festival & Same Sky
Sat 4 May, 10.30am

A fiesta of colour, costume and live music kick starts Brighton Festival, it’s time to ‘Dream Again’ with The Children’s Parade.

Guest Director Frank Cottrell-Boyce explains this year’s dreamy theme as: ‘good dreams, bad dreams, day dreams, dream teams, sweet dreams… because, as the Monkees sang - we should all be daydream believers. So follow your dreams and make them all come true at The Children’s Parade.’

Groups of local schools have been exploring the theme 'Dream Again', whether that’s dreaming of a brighter future and a better world, or dreaming of something personal. Artists from Same Sky collaborate with teachers, students and volunteers from schools across Brighton & Hove to make magnificent sculptures, choreograph dance routines and compose parade chants.

Supported by

Brighton Girls GDST Girls Day School Trust

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