Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about booking tickets

General Ticket Information

When will I receive my tickets? I haven’t received my tickets yet, what should I do?

All tickets are sent 2nd class and so ten days is recommended as a reasonable wait time. If you have ordered using Standard Mail then we should be able to reprint on the door on the night only. If you have ordered using Signed For then please contact the Ticket Office for follow up on Royal Mail Track and Trace.

If you booked online, please see your confirmation email to see which delivery method you selected or were offered.

Booked through another ticket agent? See, TM, Gigantic etc. contact your point of purchase.


Will I receive email confirmation?

If you book online you will automatically receive an email confirmation. If you book via the telephone or in person you will receive an email confirmation if you request one.

There is no need to print out your email confirmation in order to collect tickets. You just need to bring the card you booked with


I selected Venue Collection when booking, when can I get my tickets?

There is no charge for collecting your tickets at the venue.

You can collect in advance between the hours of 10am-6pm, Mon-Sat from New Road office or collect on the evening of the show/event, from the door time, at the venue ticket desk. We will need to see the card the tickets were booked with.

If you booked through an external ticket agent and selected Venue Collection you can collect at the venue ticket desk on the night only.


The card I booked with has been lost/stolen/expired, how will I collect my ticket/s?

Please bring with you the replacement card and any other named piece of ID (Passport/DL/Bank card etc.)


I have lost my tickets, can I get reprints?

Please follow up with your point of purchase, if it was with us and is a seated ticket we can reprint for a cost of £1 per ticket.

If your tickets were General Admission (Standing) we are unable to reprint them, as we cannot print duplicate tickets for these events due to an over capacity risk. We only post these tickets out Signed For delivery in order to guarantee delivery.


I received a Promo Code how do I redeem this?

To book using a promo code, enter the code when booking online, or quote if booking by phone or at the Ticket Office. Tickets already purchased cannot be refunded and offers cannot be combined.


What is the difference between General Admission and Standing?

General Admission applies to some events in our Concert Hall where there is a standing area as well as unreserverd seating in the stalls downstairs. This means you do not have an allocated seat and you will have the option to sit or stand downstairs in our Concert Hall at General Admission shows.

Standing tickets (for Corn Exchange or Studio Theatre) are for events where there is only a standing area and no unreserved seating available.


Why has my General Admission or Standing ticket got A236 (for example) on it?

This is an automated number allocated to all General Admission tickets.

Seated Tickets state they are seated and will have an allocated seat number on them unless it is stated they are unreserved.


Order and Postal Fees

What is an order fee and how much is it?

An order fee is applied to all bookings online and over the phone. It is a one off charge regardless of the number of events or tickets you book.

The per order fee is currently £2.


Why is there an order fee and where does this money go?

This helps to cover the costs of our full ticketing service which operates year-round in person, on the phone (6 days a week) and online (via three websites:; and

This includes credit and debit charges, printing costs and staffing.

You may know us as Brighton Festival. We also programme Brighton Dome year-round. You may not know we are in fact a registered charity, and we rely on the generous support of our community and beyond.

We are funded from a variety of sources including regular funding from the Arts Council and Brighton & Hove Council which amounts to 34% of what we need to operate. As a charity, for us to continue to successfully run the various strands of our work, which include our community engagement work, our artistic programming and the maintenance of our historic venue, we rely on the generous support of individuals, ticket buyers and venue hirers. As an organisation we need to raise 66% of our income to continue to produce the full range of events and access and education opportunities to as wide an audience as possible. Read more…


Is an order fee avoidable?

When you buy tickets in person, either in our Ticket Office (29 New Road) or at the venue’s ticket desk, then you won’t pay an order fee. Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival Members are also exempt from order fees as part of the benefits of membership.


Why are there different postal fees?

The standard postage charge is 50p. We can also send you tickets Signed For Delivery which costs £1.50.

For General Admission or Standing events we will only post tickets by Signed For Delivery as we are not able to print duplicate tickets and therefore need to ensure they arrive safely.


Booking Refund Protection

We are now offering a service (provided by an independent third party) to protect the cost of your booking should you be unable to attend the event in a range of circumstances outside your control, some of these are listed below

• Death, injury, illness happening to you, or a member of your immediate family -including existing medical conditions

• Burglary or fire at your residence in the 48 hours immediately before the booked event

• Adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police and Government have issued travel warnings

• The mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en-route of a private vehicle taking you to the booked event

• You being summoned to appear at court proceedings a as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of booking

• You being relocated for work more than 100 miles from the booked event which you were unaware of at the time of booking

Full info and terms and conditions for booking refund protection can be found here

In order to protect your booking, you should select the appropriate Delivery Method including Booking Refund Protection and this must be purchased at the time of booking.

The costs of this service is from as little as 75p dependant on the value of the tickets in your booking.

If you do make a successful claim you would be refunded the total booking amount including all charges

This service is provided by an independent third party specialist, Booking Protect and all claims and queries would be made directly through them.


Concessions and Access Requirements

Who qualifies for a concession?

Concession prices are available on some events. These are offered to students, over60’s, registered disabled/DLA or ESA/IB. You need to be able to show valid ID

Can I bring my baby to sit on my lap?

For events aimed at under 5’s any child 6 months or older will need a ticket. For other events, any child under 2 years of age is welcome to come along as 'babe in arms' and may sit on your lap without you needing to pay extra. We do ask that if your child were to become unsettled during the performance that you'd be kind enough to step outside until they had settled, bearing in mind that you may not be allowed re-entrance during the performance. So it would be completely your decision.

How accessible are the venues?

Please see individual venue and event pages for Festival shows for more information. If you have a specific access enquiry contact: Visitor Services 01273 261525 / 541


Secondary Website Ticketing

Why are Tickets available at high prices on Secondary ticket sites? What measures are in place to reduce ticket reselling at inflated prices?

We don’t supply any tickets to secondary ticket websites, however we do often use large national ticket agencies (such as See Tickets and Ticketmaster). These websites offer tickets at standard prices but may have different charges which mean tickets are always higher than those booked directly with us at the venue.

With secondary ticketing websites such as StubHub, GetMeIn, Seatwave, Viagogo etc. we have no direct dealings with these sites and any tickets offered by these sites are supplied - and prices set - by individual sellers. The websites exist as a ‘secure’ alternative to eBay, and are often linked to the primary agencies, however there is nothing to cap ticket prices; perceived market value dictates prices.

Here at Brighton Festival this is an issue of concern to us, and we do take steps to prevent reselling as much as we are able. For example if we catch any large bookings for high profile events from non-local addresses then we will inform customers that tickets will be held for collection on the night, which we hope discourages customers who book intending to pass on tickets to others.

However, with many tickets often available for sale via ticket agencies (Ticketmaster, See Tickets etc.) it is impossible to identify these customers, and the situation has been exacerbated by these secondary resale outlets, and in particular StubHub which has now taken over eBay’s business. Listings on these websites offer limited information about ticket numbers, and no personal customer information, so it is very difficult for us to trace who is selling our tickets.

For popular shows, there is also often a cap on the number of tickets one customer can purchase to help reduce reselling sold out events and events going on sale


For popular events - do all the tickets get sold in the Members’ Priority Booking stage?

This rarely happens, but Members’ Priority Booking ensures you get the tickets that you want, as they may sell out quickly on the day.


Website Booking

What does you are in a priority queue mean? Am I guaranteed a ticket?

This means you are being held in a queue for a booking session and should wait without refreshing your screen. Every time a new booking is completed the system will move to the next person waiting, this is your best opportunity to gain a ticket for a popular events. We cannot guarantee you a ticket for very popular events because the priority queue caters for all events currently on-sale and so ticket availability for an individual event may expire.

Why is the website giving a server error message? How can tickets be bought in this instance?

When we have shows that are particularly popular we receive a much higher than normal number of visits to our website and in particular the number of simultaneous requests for our booking pages. Initially, if you are unable to book you will be held in a priority queue. However, if the numbers of possible simultaneous bookers and those in the queue is exceeded you will then receive an error message. We have been working to minimise this possibility and on the rare occasions this does happen then you should refresh your screen and retry to select the event and try again.

My username and/or password doesn’t work?

Your username is most likely your email address and if you first booked with us since April 2014 it will definitely be your email address. If your password is not working you can use the forgotten password facility. If this does not resolve the issue then do please contact the Ticket Office team Monday" Saturday 10am" 6pm or email and they will be able to reset your password.

We are currently updating our customer database and resolving the number of duplicate records with multiple online usernames which is currently causing some problems updating addresses.


General Venue Information

Please see individual venue and event pages for Festival shows for more information on specific venue offerings.

How do I know if the show is seated or standing?

This means you are being held in a queue for a booking session and should wait without refreshing your screen. Every time a General Admission applies to shows in our Concert Hall and means you do not have an allocated seat, however there are seats available in our Concert Hall at General Admission shows.

Standing tickets will say standing.

Why has my General Admission or Standing ticket got A236 on it?

This is an automated number allocated to all General Admission tickets.

Seated Tickets state they are seated and have an allocated seat number on them unless it is stated they are unreserved.

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