Gruff Rhys at Brighton Festival 2014
Past Event

Gruff Rhys

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Two men. Two quests. Two centuries apart. Experience the search for a lost tribe. In 1792 John Evans, a farmhand from Snowdonia, set out to find the Madogwys, the mythical Welsh-speaking Native Americans of the Great Plains. He wrestled reptiles in the Mississippi, hunted bison in Nebraska and discovered imaginary volcanoes in Missouri. Over 200 years later, his distant relative Gruff Rhys retraced the route in an ‘Investigative Concert Tour’– a series of solo gigs accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and a three-foot avatar of Evans. The tour resulted in an album, featuring songs inspired by Evans’ epic adventure, and it is those songs that Rhys performs in this multi-sensory retelling of two men’s extraordinary odysseys.