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A collage of female and non-binary sideshow performers
Visual Arts
Green slime hangs off a metallic structure, the sculpture sits on a white plinth

Ooze Machines

Libby Heaney
Sat 4 May - Sun 30 Jun
Phoenix Art Space
Two people are stood silhouetted in front of a projection. The projection shows the close up of an eye in black and white

Days of Wonder

videoclub & Corridor
Sat 4 May - Sun 1 Sep
Hove Museum of Creativity
Visual Arts
A painting of Rembrandt in an extravagant gold frame. In the painting Rembrandt is sat with his arms folded. He wears a black hat and a black robe.

National Treasures: Rembrandt in Brighton

Rembrandt Van Rjin
Fri 10 May - Mon 5 Aug
Visual Arts

Shadows of Empire: Taking Tea at Preston Manor

Fri 24 May - Wed 26 Jun
A woman holding on to a ladder, that is suspended in air. Behind her are two other people holding on to suspended ladders. They are all lit in a blue light.


NoFit State
Thu 8 Aug - Sun 1 Sep
Circus Big Top at Black Rock
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