What's on

A collage of female and non-binary sideshow performers
Two young children engage with an installation made of brightly coloured columns and boxes criss crossed with lots of string

100 Miles of String

Leap Then Look
Sat 4 - Mon 27 May
Royal Pavilion Gardens (North Lawn)
Looking over the shoulder of two people sat at a table with cups and food


Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
Earthship Brighton
From £25
Visual Arts
Green slime hangs off a metallic structure, the sculpture sits on a white plinth

Ooze Machines

Libby Heaney
Sat 4 May - Sun 30 Jun
Phoenix Art Space
Two people are stood silhouetted in front of a projection. The projection shows the close up of an eye in black and white

Days of Wonder

videoclub & Corridor
Sat 4 May - Sun 1 Sep
Hove Museum of Creativity
Young Readers
The outside of a children's book shop. There are bright and colourful illustrations in the windows

Children's Illustration Exhibition

Sat 4 - Sun 26 May
The Book Nook
Visual Arts
A painting of Rembrandt in an extravagant gold frame. In the painting Rembrandt is sat with his arms folded. He wears a black hat and a black robe.

National Treasures: Rembrandt in Brighton

Rembrandt Van Rjin
Fri 10 May - Mon 5 Aug
Visual Arts
A small, square empty stage in the middle of a bare room. The room has a black floor, red curtain and two spotlights shining on the stage

An Elevated Platform

Flexer & Sandiland
Sun 12 - Sun 26 May
Vintage objects on a table

The Melancholy of the Tourist

Oligor y Microscopía (Spain/Mexico)
Wed 15 - Sun 26 May
Brighton Dome Anita's Room
From £12.50
Limited Availability
Books & Debates
Noreed Masud stands in front of a glass building holding a spirit level. Polly Atkin stands in front of a brick wall looking at the sky

Watch Again: Noreen Masud & Polly Atkin: Writing a Life

Tue 21 May - Sun 16 Jun
Cliff Cardinal crouches at the front of a stage wearing a hoodie and a neck ruff, people stand gesturing behind him

The Land Acknowledgement or As You Like It

Crow's Theatre and Cliff Cardinal (Canada)
Tue 21 - Thu 23 May
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre
From £12.50
Visual Arts
The front of the Booth Museum of Natural History - a brick wall with two big red doors and a red Booth Museum sign in the middle

An Evening at the Booth Museum

Jazmine Miles-Long
Thu 23 May
Booth Museum of Natural History
Fully Booked
Books & Debates

Paul Lindley: Raising the Nation

How to Build a Better Future for our Children
Thu 23 May
Brighton Girls
From £10

Livestream: Sea Power

Thu 23 May

Live at Brighton Festival

with Joel Dommett, Desiree Burch, Spencer Jones & Jen Brister
Thu 23 May
Brighton Dome Concert Hall
From £15

Sea Power

Thu 23 May
Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
From £30