Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti
Past Event

Simon Thacker’s Karmana

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Simon Thacker guitar
Justyna Jablonska cello
Sarvar Sabri tabla

Visionary guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker presents a special performance of his Karmana with tabla master Sarvar Sabri and the outstanding young Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska to explore the meeting of Indian and Western music. Experience the combining of the immense expressive possibilities of ragas with Western harmonic explorations and the explosive rhythmic systems of India with the boundless searching of Western music, an exhilarating meeting of musical styles, cultures and traditions. Karmana is Sanskrit for performing anything by means of magic and the programme is informed by the belief in the mystical, transformative power of sound, drawing upon Simon’s unique cultural inspirations and pioneering experiences working with leading musicians from diverse traditions.

Simon's work with Indian performers has set a new benchmark for Indian/Western collaboration with some of the most successful, wide ranging and ambitious intercultural programmes ever assembled. His last album, Rakshasa (also featuring Sarvar Sabri), was acclaimed in fifty glowing reviews worldwide, named as one of the albums of the year by several journalists and played on over 200 US radio stations.

'Simon Thacker is a guitar virtuoso that puts on an amazing musical display that should have fans of Indian music, world music and virtually all six string aficionados dropping their jaws in collective amazement at a new hybrid of sound that is fluid, effortless and embraces an often misunderstood culture with passion, grace and fire.' Critical Jazz (USA).

'It is evident that his project is informed by a high degree of musical and philosophical scholarship but one doesn't have to have academic leanings to enjoy the staggering display of virtuosity on offer, still less the passionate interpretations' Jazz Views