Past Event
Visual Arts

Perhaps all the Dragons

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Tickets are still available for this event. Online booking will close an hour before the event is due to start but tickets can be purchased at the venue.

One table with thirty chairs in front of 30 individual screens. Thirty tellings of 30 tales - one-to-one encounters that blur at the edges and seep into neighbouring stories. The spectator will get to watch five stories.

Perhaps the one about the famous pianist who realizes on stage that she studied the wrong concerto. Or the neurosurgeon who swaps the heads and bodies of two monkeys, which remain alive. Maybe a look at the 700,000 Japanese people who withdraw into their bedrooms for a year at a time.

Following its UK debut at the 2012 Festival with Land's End, the celebrated Belgian theatre company of Bart Baele and Yves Degryse returns with a unique theatrical experience that encounters the people behind stories, both big and small, in the international media, inspired by the Rilke poem of the title. The stories are transformed into 30 filmed monologues orchestrated by dramaturgy that gives them coherence and interaction. Berlin's imaginative project challenges the way we tell stories and the way we hear them.