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Current Affairs

Tue 5 Feb 2019

Incredibly beautiful, yet politically charged, Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey’s large-scale Afrogallonism pieces are meticulously fashioned from discarded 20 – 25 litre yellow jerry cans. 

These vessels, imported into Ghana from Europe carrying fuel oil, are often repurposed to carry potable water by people struggling with Ghana’s water shortages. This unhealthy practice was especially true during the era of President Kufuor (giving them the popular local name ‘Kufuor gallon’). Attukwei Clottey’s use of these plastic cans in his art touches on global issues of plastic waste and access to basic services, but also promotes his greater philosophy of exploring personal and political narratives rooted in histories of colonialism, trade and migration.

Taking over Fabrica’s spacious unconverted Regency chapel, the exhibition also highlights Attukwei Clottey’s twin roles as artist and community activist, and presents his film and performance work.