The Bright Room at Brighton Festival
Past Event
Visual Arts

The Bright Room: Workshops

Wed 8 Feb 2017

Acclaimed photographer Eddie Otchere will set up a community darkroom – an open-access space in which the people of Brighton can capture, reflect on and share their experiences, celebrating what it is to be part of a community.

You’ll have the chance to reconnect with some of the haptic qualities of traditional photographic processes – from building cameras out of throwaway materials to hand printing pictures – while group workshops and daily exhibitions offer a shared experience of creativity so often missing from our digitised lives.

Eddie is best known for his photographs depicting hip hop culture since the 1990s. Exhibited and published worldwide, his celebrated works include portraits of Wu Tang Clan, Biggie Smalls, Mos Def, Goldie and many others.

Read our interview with Eddie Otchere to find out more about what he hopes to bring to Brighton Festival.