Young City Reads 2017 - A.F. Harrold at Brighton Festival 2017
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Young Readers

Young City Reads Big Event 2017

Wed 8 Feb 2017

Young story-lovers, get ready to enjoy another thrilling book this year. You are invited to read and discuss A.F. Harrold’s Fizzlebert Stump The Boy Who Ran Away from the Circus (and Joined the Library) – the story of a boy, a book, some very bad people, some very brave deeds, and the importance of rubber teeth for lions.

This city-wide 'big read', brought to you by Collected Works CIC, is designed to spread a love of books to the widest possible audience of young readers throughout Brighton & Hove.

A.F. Harrold and illustrator Sarah Horne take centre stage for this live and interactive talk on 23 May.

A.F. Harrold introduces Young City Reads here