Past Event


Sun 1 Jan 2012

In 1969 man landed on the moon: one giant leap and all that. But the success of the Apollo 11 mission hung in the balance, predicated on a sizeable chunk of serendipity. What if it had failed and the astronauts had been cast adrift in the loneliness of an endless lunar night? Using a single microphone, haunting soundscape and a simple narrative, Astronaut is a ‘beautifully tender and emotive’ ( journey into the vast dark emptiness of space.

Astronaut is a collaboration between writer/composer Timothy X Atack and producer/director Tanuja Amarasuriya. Together, as Sleepdogs, they work with stories, hybrid genres and prompts to the imagination to create vivid and compelling theatre. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally and has been commissioned by Arnolfini, BAC, Theatre Bristol, Bristol Old Vic, BBC Film Lab and Paines Plough.

Part of caravan - a three-day biennial showcase presenting a curated programme of work within Brighton Festival to international and national promoters and festival organisers. caravan is delivered as a partnership between Farnham Maltings and Brighton Festival. See for the full programme.