Past Event
Visual Arts

Sea of Voices

Sun 1 Jan 2012

This interactive seafront walk is inspired by our attraction to the ocean and the coastal histories that have shaped our environment. The specially commissioned project sends us off on a guided audio-visual encounter with Brighton’s distinctive seascape. Starting at Fabrica, we embark on a walk – solo or in a group. En route we are invited to peer through telescopes, as we explore the imagery, mythology and history of the coast, past and present.

Contemplating notions of place and time, and examining our own changing relationships with the sea, we become co-creators of a unique, thoughtprovoking experience.

Invisible Flock are an interactive arts trio based in West Yorkshire. Their work ranges from installations and games to performance and public art. They are interested in the subversion of social space and creating work for unusual locations.

This is a co-commission in response to The Boat Project. A partnership between Fabrica, Lighthouse, Blast Theory, Photoworks, Brighton Festival and the University of Brighton, Faculty of Arts. The work is part of RELAY – Contemporary art in the south east of England commissioned in response to London 2012.