Past Event
Visual Arts

The Sleeping Tree

Tue 4 Feb 2020

Enter one of the last great rainforests of North Sumatra, Indonesia, and follow a family of endangered Siamang Gibbons as they wake, roam across the jungle and dutifully return to their sleeping tree, one of six majestic trees they have used for generations.

As mist gently falls you are surrounded by vibrant projected 3D digital images: a visual banquet of flora and fauna unfolds, accompanied by captivating and microscopically accurate sounds of the jungle, and of the primates’ distinct calls.

Invisible Flock creates highly sensory installations at the intersection of art and technology, highlighting and supporting the research of conservation issues. To create this astonishing and important piece of work, the company has worked with rangers and primatologists in Sumatra to record the landscape and soundscape of the jungle over a month.

Tickets have timed entry but allow you to stay for up to 90 minutes so you can lose yourself in one of our planet’s most important rainforests. This is an environmental installation that changes throughout the day and your experience will be different depending on the activity in the rainforest at your time of entry.