Past Event

Are we not drawn onward to new erA

Wed 5 Feb 2020

Like its title, this performance is a palindrome. You can see it forwards and backwards, because some believe humanity moves forward; others, the opposite. Some say the world’s coming to an end, others call them doomsayers. No matter who's right, our quest for progress has dramatically changed the world we live in. 

This serious but joyfully powerful piece of theatre plays out the future of our species and calls to question: are our actions irreversible or can we undo them? 

One of the biggest hits of the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe with rave reviews from The Guardian, Telegraph, Scotsman and Financial Times, Are we not drawn onward to new erA stunned audiences and critics with its extraordinary virtuosity and won the coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award.

Belgian performance group Ontroerend Goed’s groundbreaking works have blazed a trail around the world, continuously thrilling audiences and winning numerous awards.

Age 12+