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Enhanced Dance to Disguised Music

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Tickets are still available for the event. Online booking will close an hour before the show is due to start but tickets will still be available at the venue. 

Nothing is normal here. Or rather: Everything is extraordinary! Dance as you've never seen it before. A piano as you've never heard it before. A performance that defies physical constraints.

Danse étoffée sur musique déguisée (Enhanced Dance to Disguised Music), created by the Brussels-based Swiss choreographer Thomas Hauert, is his first piece for younger audiences. Mat Voorter's performance is accompanied by John Cage's Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano. A prepared piano is a piano whose sound is altered by all sorts of objects placed between its strings: screws, pieces of plastic or an eraser.

With vigorous choreography, elemental music and strange balloon figures descending from above, this is weird and witty dance that stretches the limits of movement and unleashes the imagination. It's about metamorphosis and adaptation; about how the balloons, blankets and broomsticks that encase the dancer redefine physical reality, just as the objects with which the piano is 'prepared' create entirely new acoustic possibilities.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Cage's important piece performed live by Daan Vandewalle, unmissable for music fans and discerning young dance audiences alike.