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Visual Arts

The White Balloon & 10 Minutes Older

Sat 1 Feb 2014

The White Balloon

(1995, Iran, U)
Jafar Panahi’s first feature film is a masterpiece about a little girl who won’t take no for an answer. Razieh wants a new goldfish to celebrate the Iranian New Year, and after nagging her mother she finally gets her way. But when her mother gives her the money, that’s only the start of her adventure. Utterly real and quietly hilarious, it is one of the most honest films ever made.

Duration: 85 minutes

10 Minutes Older

(1978, Latvia, PG)
Herz Frank’s seminal short film has to be seen on the big screen. Storms of emotion sweep across a child’s face as he watches a show that we never see. Ten minutes last a small lifetime, and tell us everything about why children are so mesmerised by cinema.

Duration: 10 minutes