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Visual Arts

Crows & Palle Alone in the World

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Crows (1994, Poland)

Dorota KedzierzawskaWrona (pl. crow) is neglected by her feckless mother, laughed at by her classmates and furious with the world. So she steals a cute little girl to become a surrogate mother. She soon discovers just how hard being a parent really is. Kedzierzawska's remarkable film about a damaged girl trying to heal herself is tough yet tender, elevated by gorgeous cinematography and ultimately exhilarating.

Palle Alone in the World (Palle alene i verden, 1949, Denmark)

Astrid Henning-Jensen

A boy wakes up to find that he's alone in the world. A deserted, silent Copenhagen becomes his giant playground. Adapting a famous novel, Astrid Henning-Jensen, one of the greatest directors of children, makes an all-time classic of charm and wonder.