Past Event


Sat 1 Feb 2014

Inspired by a coming-of-age tale by French author Anne Duchamp and driven by a live hurdy-gurdy soundscape, this remarkably inventive circus follows Jules, a boy represented by four different performers, as he takes his first steps into adulthood.

Illuminated by shimmering colours, shadows and textures, the four Jules’ explore a mysterious and ingenious structure and, through acrobatics, their strange new playground begins to transform in fantastical ways.

Sinué is the first opportunity to experience Belgian circus company Feria Musica here in the UK, and with stunning visuals and daring acrobats, this show will capture the imagination of the young, young-at-heart, and anyone who's ever climbed a tree. 

The speed, strength and suppleness of the players throughout was astonishing; the effect part 'Jungle Book', part 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Whatever they did - juggling, walking the plank, or dancing - was carried out to absolute perfection - The Argus

See the photoset from last night's incredible Argus Angel award-winning performance here

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