Past Event
Visual Arts

Heterotopias and other domestic landscapes

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Mariele Neudecker’s visionary installation transforms The Regency Town House into a container of landscapes. This major new commission uses several interconnected artworks to explore both the familiar and sublime. The cropped edge in Neudecker’s landscapes becomes a form of human intervention: her representations of vast panoramas are limited by lenses, or narrowed by cones of torchlight. 

As the installation progresses through the Regency Town House, we travel with it from the dark emptiness of deep sea space in the basement to sun-filled images on the first floor. And in the process, the outside is brought inside, both physically and metaphorically.

HOUSE 2013 delivers this new Brighton Festival co-commission from international artist Mariele Neudecker, along with four commissioned responses from regional artists, at unexpected indoor and outdoor locations citywide.