Past Event

Bone Yard Tales

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Figures spring to life from a wasteland of discarded rubbish. A mound of mangled debris is transformed into a wonderland of angels, boats and mechanical trees. This is the Bone Yard – a scrap heap, or your back yard; constantly changing and growing.

Rag and Bone dance, delight and despair in a world drowning in junk. But are they alone? Did that rubbish move? And are the ‘Bone Yard Tales’ really a series of myths telling of the destructive power and addictive nature of waste, or just stories spun by Rag to distract Bone from bashing bits of metal all the time?

Bone Yard Tales’ combination of physical theatre, puppetry and live music revels in the delight of transformation. Its scale and spectacle will entrance children of all ages.

Photos: Victor Frankowski & Dan Dennison