Past Event
Visual Arts

The Air Itself is One Vast Library

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Mariele Neudecker explores the disturbing – and often invisible – technologies of war in an exhibition that contrasts starkly with her more familiar depictions of landscape and the sublimity of nature. The startling images in The Air Itself is One Vast Library were created following extensive research at military installations. This is a highly topical study of the way military technologies, concealment and cloaking can distance us from the realities of war.

It is accompanied by Under the Shadow of the Drone by James Bridle. Both artists illustrate how contemporary military technology both enables acts of disappearance, and also conceals the machinations of war from us.

HOUSE 2013 delivers this new Brighton Festival co-commission from international artist Mariele Neudecker, along with four commissioned responses from regional artists, at unexpected indoor and outdoor locations citywide.