Past Event

Table Manners

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Welcome. Take a seat. Have some wine. Make nervous eye contact with your fellow dinner guests. Join us on a trip to the end of etiquette. Three performances explore the rituals of food and dining that enshrine our social hierarchies and hang-ups. What happens when the manners that separate us from the animals crumble before our eyes? 

Hunt & Darton begin the intimate experience, offering a piquante entrée, with a sharp tang of embarrassment and a melange of the ridiculous. For the main course, Future Ruin’s highly acclaimed black comedy Exterminating Angel serves up a shocking insight into the darkness that lurks beneath the casual veneer of a dinner party where all logic gradually disintegrates. Finally, The Honest Crowd offer Glasshouse – a snappy, surrealist dessert of fractured language and suburban hysteria.