Past Event

Damir Imamovic

Mon 10 Feb 2020

Sevdah has been played in the Balkans in one form or another since at least the 15th century - its melancholy and lyrical style, and preoccupations with love, longing and loss, provide us with a bridge to other European roots traditions, such as fado. Trailblazing musician Damir Imamović lays down a challenge to the genre’s conventions and, more recently, orthodoxies that would make of sevdah into a straightforward reflection of national character. 

Imamović’s deeply considered art takes the music beyond its birthplace and shows it to the world. Hear his acclaimed original material and music from his new album Singer of Tales alongside sevdah classics, as he performs with a new quartet compromising: legendary acoustic bassist Greg Cohen (Masada, Tom Waits, Ornette Coleman); Derya Türkan, one of Turkey’s leading kemenche layers; and one of the most prominent soloists in contemporary sevdah, violinist Ivana Ðurić