Past Event

Circus Klezmer

Sun 1 Jan 2012

A wedding without klezmer is like a funeral without tears…

In a small village in Eastern Europe, a wedding feast is being prepared. Musicians are tuning up, performers are rehearsing. But all is not going quite to plan…

This vibrant multinational production is a glorious mix of contemporary circus and Jewish klezmer music inspired by the dreamlike paintings of Marc Chagall. Since its beginnings klezmer has been associated with celebrations. Melancholic and romantic yet also exuberant and joyful, it touches our deepest emotions, just as circus, in its purest form, moves us to laughter, tears and elation.

Circus Klezmer features a quartet of klezmer players (accordion, violin, clarinet, percussion) and an ensemble cast of acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers and actors from across Europe and South America. Together they create a blissful marriage of infectious humour, exquisite artistry and passionate performance.

Popular, contemporary, extremely funny and poetic circus.’ La Vangardia