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Wed 6 Mar 2013

A programme of mini-debates on the theme of A Good Society - Not Just Big But Better

In this series of 20-minute public sessions, representatives of local groups and organisations pose provocative questions to stimulate discussion on topics including the merits of co-operation and sharing; the business case for a living wage; and the needs of both older and younger people in the city.

Speakers include Benita Matofska from The People Who Share; Anthony Zacharzewski and Susie Latta from the Democratic Society; Colin Miller and Jerry Webb from Paces Empowerment; Dave Boyle from the Co-operative Regional Committee; Bob Brecher the Professor of Ethics at Brighton University; Philippa Thompson from the RSA; Jack Hazelgrove and Isla Robertson from Older People’s Council / Pensioners’ Association; Julia Chanteray from Chamber of Commerce; and Caroline Penn from the Co-operative Party.