Past Event

Sutra - Shaolin Kung Fu Workshop

Tue 2 Apr 2013

The workshops will be led by the Leader of the Warrior Monks of Sutra. He will be joined by some of the other monks in Sutra. All the Sutra monks are from the original Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, China. They are the Warrior Monks, highly-skilled in martial arts, trained from an early age. The tradition of martial arts has been taught at the Shaolin Temple since ancient times as a means of defending it from attack.

These workshops are suitable for those who want to learn a little about the ways of the original Shaolin Temple martial arts and also to have a better understanding of Buddhism as taught and practiced at the Shaolin Temple.

A basic workshop at which all are welcome. Please be aware that the workshop will be taught in Mandarin with English translation from the monks’ interpreter and assistant.

Available for Members' priority booking: Wed 3 Apr
On general sale: Mon 15 Apr