Past Event


Sun 1 Jan 2012

Winter. Behind a window, in a cosy room, a group of friends gather for a meal. The lamps are on, everyone is happy.

Talk begins and stories unfold around the table. There is laughing, flirting and rather drunk dancing to rather bad pop music. But sadness soon threads its way through the occasion as secrets emerge and lies are exposed. Interiors is a visually stunning and near wordless piece of theatre offering a funny, deeply moving and wonderfully detailed perspective on a party that we all recognise. As we, the audience, watch through the window, we glimpse the truths about our own lives that we’d all rather ignore.

Matthew Lenton is one of Scotland’s most acclaimed directors. His company, Vanishing Point, has performed all over the world and has worked with both the National Theatre Studio in England and National Theatre of Scotland. Interiors was commissioned for the Napoli Teatro Festival, Italy. It has received international acclaim and won numerous awards including Best Ensemble, Best Director and Best Production in Scotland’s Critic’s Awards.

A hugely clever, rich and entertaining piece of theatre that shifts effortlessly between farce and tragedy, laughter and dread…’****  The Scotsman