Past Event

Land's End

Sun 1 Jan 2012

In their first ever visit to the UK, this celebrated Belgian theatre group (Bart Baele Yves Degryse) combines film, performance and mechanical installation to create a hybrid of reality and theatre.

Imagine a scenario: a murder, two suspects; each arrested in different countries with different judicial systems. For the trial to proceed they must meet but there’s no chance of extradition. Now imagine a solution: a farm is found on the border between the two countries, and a line is drawn. A chair is placed on either side.

Now the meeting can begin…

Years after these strange arrangements, Berlin reconvenes the various participants in a mixture of live performance, filmed interviews and ingenious contraptions. As we enter the crime scene and the interrogation room and sift lies from facts, we too find ourselves in a curious hinterland between reality and fiction.

Land’s End is performed in Flemish and French with English surtitles.