Past Event

Figures Libres

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Can you read my story on my face?

A woman appears, on the edge. ‘My story is your story’, she confides. Walking behind her, buildings are illuminated with the faces of thousands of others. Seized by her voice and transported by a live soundtrack of hypnotic music, together we follow the journey through her life in a spectacular yet intimate live experience through the streets of Brighton.

Figures Libres transforms the city’s public spaces, illuminating the streets and squares in rich colours, turning familiar facades and unknown places into a theatre of majestic projection and interactive performance. It’s a collective journey, threading the woman’s story into our own; her life is interlaced with moments from the lives of those standing next to you. Figures Libres plays with the idea of the gathering; the audience, the crowd – it is both the subject and the actor of the show.

Participate in the story via live texts along the way, exploring the streets of Brighton in a fascinating night time experience.