Past Event
Dance & Circus


Sun 1 Jan 2012

A sensuous embrace of technology and humanity…

What kind of choreography emerges when your dancing partner is digital software? This mindbending new show from cult Austrian cross-media artist Klaus Obermaier ups the stakes of digital performance and redefines the parameters of dance. Obermaier sets his dancers – Desirée Kongerød and Rob Tannion – in a monochrome universe of shapeshifting digital imagery. As they move, their bodies attract and dissolve the light and their contoured forms confound our vision. Melding state-of-theart real-time image generation with the beauty and dynamism of the human body in motion, Apparition a brilliant and beguiling dance spectacle for the 21st century.

Apparition is conceived and directed by Klaus Obermaier in collaboration with the Ars Electronica Futurelab.