Hugh Lupton performing Beowulf at Brighton Festival 2017
Past Event
Young Readers


Wed 3 May 2017

Beowulf is the oldest story in the English language – and it still has the power to raise the hairs on the back of the neck. It tells of a hero’s life, a life that is mapped by three tremendous blood-curdling encounters.

As a young man Beowulf defeats the monster Grendel and his even more terrifying Mother, the original creatures from the Black Lagoon. Then, as an old man, he tries his strength against a gold-guarding Fire-Drake (a dragon).

Alongside these adrenalin-charged encounters the story explores the journey we all make from the seeming invincibility of youth to the heroic vulnerability of old age.

'Lupton summoned the poem back to a bloody and ferocious life... from the very first moment he began to speak he was utterly convincing… a careful and measured performance… a vigorous language that was at times playful and at times like repeated blows of a hammer' Birmingham Words